A good argument for raising the voting age—not just to 21, but to 26

Pamela Geller writes at Atlas Shrugs:

The youth vote delivered the most incompetent, dangerous, unqualified candidate to the White House because of the clown vote. If it weren’t for the young and stupid, the world would not be in freefall.

Clearly the voting age of 18 is way too young. This video best exemplifies the maroon vote. They lowered it back in the day tying to the draft age. But there is no draft, it’s a volunteer army, so that’s counter intuitive.

If you consider that children can now stay on their parent’s healthcare until they are 26, shouldn’t the voting age be the same? If they are still babies, unable to work and pay for their health care, certainly they should not be eligible to vote until they are 26 as well. Kabish?

Until you can pay for your own healthcare, you should not be eligible to vote. Exception would be those in the military. If you can fight for your country, you can vote for its leadership. But that’s a mute point [sic] because the military vote is not counted.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at November 02, 2010 06:21 PM | Send

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