We are in a death embrace with a false ideology

What an evil, anti-human thing liberalism is. In the name of humanity and compassion, it tells blacks that they are as capable as whites and can succeed in all fields as well as whites. Then, when blacks find themselves not doing as well as whites, and in fact doing very poorly, they are sure that the system, the institution, is neglecting them in some way. So blacks spend their lives in roiling anger, because whites keep flooding them with the message that everyone is equally capable, everyone should go to college, everyone should do equally well in college, everyone should do equally well in life.

At Duke University, a group of black students is protesting

an as-yet unpublished study by Duke researchers saying black students match the GPA of whites over time in part because they switch to majors that require less study time and have less stringent grading standards. Opponents of affirmative action are citing the study in a case they want the U.S. Supreme Court to consider.

But the students say the research is just one example of an environment in which many black students feel uncomfortable….

“These are really just symptoms of a contentious and strained racial climate here,” [black student leader Nana] Asante said.

The climate is contentious and strained, because in the name of equality a top university has admitted many black students who simply lack the intellectual ability to do the academic work that is called for at that university. But no one will say that. For our society to recover from this insanity, all that’s needed is for people to speak the truth, and to keep speaking it. But no one—no one with any position or any stakes to protect in mainstream society—will speak the truth. America will sink into the ocean before anyone speaks the truth.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at January 24, 2012 07:03 PM | Send

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