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A reader in England writes:


Am listening to the Laura Ingraham radio show (via the ‘Net) where she is talking about Flash Mobs with listeners and the owner of the jeans store which was recently ransacked in Chicago.

Now Laura is a fairly right-wing conservative.

Yet on this segment of the program the colour of the majority individuals in the Chicago Flash Mob which ransacked the jeans store is mentioned once and once only. Laura asks the store owner “what did the flash mobbers look like,” and she has to specify that she is talking about their race as he initially doesn’t mention their race when replying.

For the remainder of the segment Laura and the store owner and her callers talk about the problems with the youth of today and their lack of morality and their excessive materialism and how they have nothing to do, etc. No more mention is made of the fact that this Flash Mob like almost all violent Flash Mobs was BLACK.

And Laura Ingraham is supposedly one of America’s leading conservatives!

LA replies:

I’ll post this. But if your subject line is a paraphrase, I’m not getting it.

Reader in England replies:

“Tell Laura I Love Her” sung by Ray Peterson (and later by others) was a big hit in the early ’60s. I assumed you would know it. So I mention it to tell Laura Ingraham I do love her but her liberalism has shown through. Another conservative with a liberal core.

LA replies:

She’s utterly unlovable. While she has good features, she is a mannish, defeminized, charmless woman with a droning monotone masculine voice and zero personality who always wears very low cut tops showing her entire upper chest and with a cross hanging on her exposed chest. So she’s a nice-looking woman, and she’s mannish. She’s mannish, and she exposes too much of her body. She inappropriately exposes her body, and she wears a Christian cross in the middle of the exposed part of her body, as if those two things were compatible. She wears a Christian cross, and, just like nihilistic trashy female entertainers who also wear a Christian cross, she shows zero respect and appreciation for the cross she’s wearing but grossly contradicts it. Her person consists of this mess of jarring impressions, showing that she lacks any feel for the qualities of things, any instinctive sense of wholeness. And thus she shows herself to be your typical American mainstream conservative with no sensibility, no culture, no soul, but just policy positions and partisanship.

And substantively she’s a dull, mediocre mainstream conservative.

- end of initial entry -

Doug H. writes:

You forgot to mention that as a single person Ingraham adopted a non-white child whom she doesn’t even raise herself. Raising a child as a part-time mother and with no male figure on the scene seems very liberal to me.

Rich S. writes:

I too am conflicted about Miss Ingraham.

She clearly has left tendencies that peek through from time to time. In years past, Frum and Milbank were frequent simpatico guests and her listeners never missed a chance to vote George W. pronouncements as “sound bite contest” winners.

She’s skittish in dealing with racial issues. Blacks who appear in her personal anecdotes are invariably described as “happening to be black.” Her professed favorite jazz performers are exclusively black ones. (Even when they aren’t—she once proclaimed Anita o’day as black!) This is a pathetically weak attempt at ingratiation.

But she is the most diligent of the national talkers in harping on illegal immigration. (By a magnitude over Limbaugh and Hannity.) And her attention to ongoing cultural degradations is second only to this site’s host.

LA replies:

“Her attention to ongoing cultural degradations is second only to this site’s host.”

I was not aware of that. I have not seen any sign of that on her TV show. Where would I find her statements on those issues?

But again I would say, even if she is substantively good on cultural issues, her person undermines it. The exposed chest with the cross.

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