Joy of Obama’s base at yet another wealth transfer

While Matt Drudge publishes no content of his own, posting hyperlinked headlines to mainstream news stories plus photographs, he has become wickedly creative in the way he arranges his headlines and photos. This is what you see at the top of his page today, above the masthead:




A reader writes:

Given that nearly 80 percent of blacks still support Obama, what are the odds that we’ll see Rodney King style riots should he fail to be re-elected?

LA replies:

Given the 80 percent support, and given the antiwhite flash mob phenomenon that’s already going on, I think we’d have to say that the odds of large scale riots if he loses are pretty high.

David B. writes:

I’m afraid the 2012 election is going to be ugly. The most benign conservative opposition is denounced as nothing but racism. There may be even more flash mob and other signs of “unraveling.” What will happen if Obama actually loses?

Obama’s base is still loyal to him. A primary belief of blacks has always been that the government can and should give them money on demand.

Jim C. writes:

Wait a minute. I just read the Drudge article, and I find nothing in Zippy’s proposals that will necessarily help blacks except extension of unemployment insurance. Am I wrong?

LA replies:

As I said, Drudge was being wickedly creative. Leaving aside the details of this particular proposal, he’s putting across the message that blacks in general are the biggest recipients and supporters of government social spending.

Paul K. writes:

I had to laugh when I saw that photograph on Drudge. The look on the black woman’s face reminds me of the expressions we saw on Oprah’s audience when she told them they were all getting free cars.

September 8

Ron K. writes:

You wrote: “Given the 80 percent support, and given the antiwhite flash mob phenomenon that’s already going on … “

Continued flashmobbing would send Obama’s electoral support down to the Hubert Humphrey level, with no George Wallace on the horizon to drain GOP (i.e., white) votes. It would be ‘68 and the riots all over again.

A Taft/Hoover/Humphrey/Carter embarrassment is the last thing Democrats want for their man, so there will be enormous pressure both on and from the DNC to bring the mobbing to a halt. At least until Nov. 7, when it can safely resume in full force.

How they’ll manage to bring this about, I have no idea. But it will be most interesting to watch them try. Mayor Nutter was a harbinger.

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