Another short statement about what to do about Islam

A reader re-worked my December 26 entry, “The wages of diversity: full body scans, FOREVER,” into a more suitable form and sent it as a letter to his local paper. I’ve made further slight revisions in it. Readers are welcome to use it as a template for letters to the editor (it may need to be shortened depending on length restrictions) or for any other purpose.

How to end the threat and reality of Islamic terrorism in the West

In light of the latest Muslim terrorist attempt on an airliner, as well as the Fort Hood massacre by a jihadist major in the U.S. Army and the attempt to murder Danish cartoonish Kurt Westergaard by a Muslim immigrant in Denmark, let us acknowledge certain basic facts about Islam. First, a significant portion of Muslims support sharia (Islamic law), and a significant portion of sharia supporters are potential or active jihadists (holy warriors). Second, it’s impossible for us to disentangle the “non-dangerous” sharia supporters from the dangerous ones, because they are all part of one Islamic community, bound together by sacred ties and obligated to impose the Islamic law on the whole world. Therefore, as long as large Islamic populations remain in the West, the threat and reality of Islamic terrorism will remain. Which means, among other things, that we will have to endure onerous and demeaning security measures, perhaps even including full body scans, every time we fly, forever.

Which means that individuals in a Western country who “insult” Islam will automatically come under a death sentence from domestic jihadists, forever.

It needn’t be this way. We’re not trapped. We can act. Sixty years ago, there were essentially no Muslims in the West. What we have to do, then, is turn back the clock.

“Impossible,” you say? It’s not impossible. We merely stop allowing Muslims into the West, and we tell believing Muslims who are already here that they’re not welcome. And if they don’t leave voluntarily, through a combination of carrots and sticks, then we make them leave. Not because we hate them as individuals, but because, given that Islam commands Muslims to subvert, subjugate, and kill us, the only way that we can be safe and free is if they’re not here.

We need to recognize reality: Islam isn’t merely a religion. As historian Serge Trifkovic points out, Islam is “an inherently seditious totalitarian ideology incompatible with the fundamental values of the West—and all other civilized societies, India, China and Japan included.” People of the West must reawaken and recall that for 1,400 years Islam has been our mortal enemy.

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