Los Angeles votes to divide the U.S. into two countries

What the Los Angeles City Council actually voted for was to boycott the state of Arizona over its anti-illegal alien law. But for one state or city in the United States to cut off all trade and all interactions with another state or city in the United States is to act like a sovereign country economically blockading another sovereign country. It is to say we are not one country but two countries, with one seeking to subdue the other to its will by coercive and hostile acts. If the pro-illegal alien part of America declares economic and moral war against the non-pro-illegal alien part of America, then the country will indeed begin to divide into two, as discussed at VFR last month.

The lefties and their nonwhite clients think that the conservatives will yield to their pressure rather than incur their permanent wrath. What they don’t realize, and are going to find out, is that we’re just not that into them.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at May 13, 2010 12:44 AM | Send

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