New York Post: If you’re a conservative, you’re dangerously insane

The New York Post has an expose on the Norway killer revealing why he committed mass murder. He committed mass murder because, as his “darkly disturbing” profile reveals, he is a “raving … right-wing extremist.” And here is what, for the Post, shows that a person is a raving right-wing extremist:

  • He has “strong nationalist views.”

  • He opposes the idea that “people of different cultures [translation: Muslims and Westerners] can live alongside each other.”

  • He has “Islamophobic” views, meaning that he thinks that the Allah-commanded program of Islam is to subjugate all non-Muslim societies and peoples to the power of Islam—which, of course, according to the Koran and the Islamic law, it is.

  • He opposes current European immigration policies which have filled Europe with Muslims.

  • He “lashes out at socialism for breaking down traditions, culture, national identity and other societal structures.”

  • He blames socialism “for creating a society that is weak and confused.”

  • And, finally, he names Kafka’s The Trial and Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four as his favorite books.

In brief, if an individual happens to be your standard, Islam-critical cultural conservative (and if he admires the most admired anti-totalitarian novel of the twentieth century), he is a raving lunatic and likely to kill.

The article is written by Cathy Burke. The newspaper is owned by Rupert Murdoch, universally considered a right-wing ideologue.

Here is the article:

Norway terror suspect’s ‘Net ravings
July 23, 2011

He grew up in the lap of luxury in a nation best known for awarding the Nobel Peace Prize and mediating in conflicts.

But a darkly disturbing portrait emerged last night of Anders Behring Breivik, 32, the key suspect in twin attacks that killed at least seven people in a government-district explosion in Oslo and 84 more in a shooting spree at a bucolic teen summer camp.

The Norwegian daily Verdens Gang quoted a friend as saying Breivik became a right-wing extremist in his late 20s—expressing strong nationalistic views in online debates, and blasting the idea that people of different cultural backgrounds can live alongside each other.

He also went to online forums to vent extremist Islamophobic views and blast immigration policies, reports said.

He lashed out at socialism for breaking down traditions, culture, national identity and other societal structures—blaming it for creating a society that was weak and confused.

On his Facebook page, Breivik listed his favorite books as “The Trial” by Franz Kafka and “1984” by George Orwell.

And he said his favorite television show was “Dexter,” a series about a Miami police forensics expert who moonlights as a serial killer of criminals whom he believes have escaped justice.

The site appeared to have been blocked by last night, but earlier it had listed interests including bodybuilding, conservative politics and freemasonry.

Norwegian media said he had set up a Twitter account a few days ago and posted a single cryptic message July 17 saying: “One person with a belief is equal to the force of 100,000 who have only interests.”

His earlier life was in stark contrast, The Times of London reported, saying his attended a middle-class secondary school in Oslo and lived with his mother in a wealthy neighborhood in the city.

He’d set up his own business, Breivik Geofarm, and a month ago started to run an organic farm in Hedmark, in eastern Norway, where he reportedly produced and stored fertilizer.

- end of initial entry -

Thomas Bertonneau writes:

We’re told in many news reports that Breivik has ties with “Swedish Nazis,” and that he himself is a “neo-Nazi.”

A Nazi, as the people who sling the term around seem never to grasp, is a National Socialist. In Burke’s article, Breivik “lashed out at socialism.” [LA replies: If Breivik denounced socialism, it was, of course, the left-wing, bureaucratic, social-democratic type of socialism that prevails in today’s Europe. Pace Mr. Bertonneau, there is no contradiction between a being a Nazi and opposing socialism. The main targets of Hitler (other than the Jews) were of course Communists and (left) Socialists.]

Mindlessly, Cathy Burke impugns Kafka and Orwell (long, long dead and both ardent critics of ideological dehumanization) because Breivik apparently read them, or claimed to have read them.

Burke attributes to Breivik that he was known for “blasting the idea that people of different cultural backgrounds can live alongside each other.” But he did not murder the vaunted “Other.” He murdered his fellow Norwegians.

Burke says that Breivik’s having “started to run an organic farm” is in contradiction to his behavioral extremity, but organic farming is more indicative of a leftwing, “eco-political” orientation than of any meaningful kind of conservatism. In respect of Breivik’s “eco-politics,” the “Unabomber” comes to mind.

Tim P. writes:

You wrote:

“The newspaper is owned by Rupert Murdoch, universally considered a right-wing ideologue.”

Why would Murdoch be considered either right-wing or conservative? The FOX Network (not the FOX News Network) has the vilest, most blasphemous, sexually titillating shows on television.

On the female side, the FOX News Network strictly employs sexually titillating hosts, anchors and guests.

This is right-wing conservatism?

LA replies:

Yes, according to the One Drop Rule of Right-Wing Conservatism.

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