Violence upon the streets; violence of leftists

A. Zarkov writes:

As (inadequately) covered here in the Los Angles Times, an Obamacare supporter attacked and bit off the finger of a 65 year old man who was part of a counter demonstration. The LA Times article makes it sound like the aggressor in this incident is unclear, but a commenter reports on the statement of an actual witness to this encounter. He wrote:

“The Obamacare supporter, who was on the side of the street with other supporters, came across the street toward the anti-Obamacare crowd and singled out an elderly man and proceeded to “get in his face” about his views. The Obamacare supporter then pulled the old man out into the street, unprovoked I might add, and then bit the old guys finger off while the old guy was just trying to get away. The old man then shuffled off toward a hospital.”

This is precisely the kind of savage behavior I have seen come from the left. A Jewish friend of mine had his arm broken in the Berkeley Jewish Community Center for making positive statements about Israel. My advice to conservatives attending demonstrations: go with witnesses and, if possible, some muscle. The extreme left has thoroughly infiltrated the Democrats, and they are only too willing to use violence. They know the media will ignore or downplay violence that comes from them.

LA replies:

There was another story in the last week, about, I think, a police officer whose finger was bit off by a black man. I don’t have a link.


The title of this entry paraphrases a line in Yeats’s poem, “Nineteen Hundred and Nineteen,” in which he describes the order of civilization being destroyed by savagery during the Irish War of Independence:

Violence upon the roads: violence of horses.

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