Who’s the lipstick? Who’s the pig? The real truth about the Republican campaign

Barack Obama wittily explained it on the David Letterman show the other night (so wittily that I think it came from a speech writer, not from him), when he said that far having called Sarah Palin a pig, he had called her the lipstick. Letterman admitted he didn’t get it, but the conversation moved on without Obama’s explicating the point further.

Here is the real meaning of what Obama was saying. McCain is the pig. Palin is the lipstick on the pig. And all too many over-excited conservatives are yearning to kiss those ruby lips.

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Terry Morris writes:

That is pretty funny, and I can’t really disagree with Obama on his point. Heck, the McCain campaign barely got the cap off the lipstick before droves of conservatives beat a path to be the first in line to kiss them ruby lips, or is it that ruby snout?

Scroll down this page a bit. Imagine kissing THAT … with or without lipstick.

LA replies:

Of course pigs don’t have lips, but the image of lipstick on a pig would seem to require that the pig have lips, and also I may have been influenced by this image, from the front page of the New York Post last Thursday:


Terry Morris replies:

LOL! Well, that is an awfully cute pig. Amazing what a little lipstick and makeup’ll do for a swine’s appearance, eh.

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