Milestones on the path of Bush

Jed W. writes :

Thanks for reiterating a few of Dubya’s choice dhimmi statements on Islam. He was probably one of the most disastrous presidents we have ever had and he certainly paved the way for our current nightmare. Here are just a few of the milestones:

1. On 9/12/01, he told us (and continued to tell us) that Islam “means peace.” It means “submission” as you know.

2. In response to the fact that most of the hijackers were illegal aliens, he refused to protect the country and control our borders.

3. He waged a PC war with a made up enemy—“the terrorists.”

4. He bogged us down in a nutty nation-building exercise in Iraq that will ultimately set up a Sharia-based government under the influence of Iran.

5. He legitimized the Palestinian terrorists and brought us the concept of giving them a state from which they will export terror.

6. He empowered a mediocre woman (who despised Israel) as Sec. State who responded to the jihad by demonizing and isolating our only democratic ally in the Middle East

7. He allowed Iran to develop nuclear weapons unopposed [LA adds: after saying for years that he would not allow that to happen.].

8. He appeased North Korea giving them oil for empty, unfulfilled promises to stop making nukes.

9. He brought us the financial break down through his spirited support of the CRA to close the “home owner gap.”

10. He brought us massive deficits by signing every pork laden budget that landed on his desk

11. His last act was to panic in the face of the economic crisis and socialize our economy.

12. He blew Republican majorities in both Houses of Congress. [LA replies: to be fair, he also helped maintain those majorities in earlier years when Republican losses were expected.]

13. He allowed Sandy Berger to get away with stealing and destroying documents from the National Archive yet put Ramos and Compeon in prison for defending our borders.

14. He let his wife go to Muslim countries where women can’t vote, drive, go to school, divorce their husbands, inherit property etc. rather than pointing out their total lack of civil rights, she brings them mammograms.

15. And (not his faulty but irritating) his idiot father rehabilitates the reprehensible Bill Clinton.

That said, I would give a lot to know what drove him to all but destroy the Republican party, bankrupt the country, waste good men’s lives in PC-constrained combat situations where they fear future legal actions more than the enemies they confront and the rest of it.

I think that his hard left, West-hating successor is easy to fathom.

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Mark Jaws writes:

This was quite an impressive list to remind the conservative rank and file of the GOP that they have little—if any—friends in the GOP. However, I believe that only five or six of the hijackers were illegal aliens, and not most of them. Nonetheless, had they been stopped on the traffic violation and arrested for being in our country illegally, their scheme may have come unravelled.

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