Another day, another random stabbing

WFAA in Dallas/Fort Worth reports:

Man accused of stabbing random shopper

DALLAS – A Dallas man remains in jail after police say he randomly stabbed a shopper inside a Target store.

Police say Antowann Davis, 30, walked into the Target on Marsh Lane around 9:15 p.m. Thursday and took a butcher knife out of its packaging in the kitchen department.

Antowann Davis: He could have been a
Supreme Court justice or a theoretical
physicist, if it wasn’t for white racism.
Instead he became a random stabber.

Martha Jones, 29, said she was browsing inside the store when Davis walked past her and shoved the knife into her lower back.

“I felt something behind me,” said Jones, a Dallas-based lawyer, from her bed at Parkland Memorial Hospital. “He stabbed me in the back and kept walking.”

Now what are the chances Martha Jones is black?

Almost zero. Because in every single one of these “random” attacks by blacks,—i.e., an attack on a stranger done for no other reason than to cause death or grievous bodily harm—the victim is white, and in a few cases Asian. Which means that the attacks are not random, doesn’t it?

And as for my characterization of the liberal view of race in the photo caption, it’s no exaggeration. It’s exactly what liberal believe. Say to any liberal that you think it’s ridiculous to believe that the reason blacks are behind is white racism. Far from agreeing with you, the liberal will affirm that it’s white attitudes toward blacks that keep blacks down.

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Jim B. writes:

Here is a Martha Jones of Dallas who is a lawyer and who looks about the right age.

“I felt something behind me,” said Jones, a Dallas-based lawyer.”

I simply typed “Martha Jones Dallas lawyer” into Google.

Dale F. writes:

Whaddaya know … you’re right! She’s white (or possibly Cherokee—can’t be sure from the picture).

LA replies:

These and other readers all found the Fish & Richardson law firm website and the same page and photo of Martha Jones, attorney:


A very attractive young white woman. And it’s pure random chance that Antowann Davis stabbed her.

Just as it was pure random chance that Nkosi Thandiwe shot Britney Watts dead during her lunch hour in Atlanta last June:

Brittney_Watts.jpg Nkosi_Thandiwe.jpg

Just as it was pure random chance that a black man came up behind Aysha Ring as she was waiting in line to make a purchase in a liquor store in Baltimore, grabbed her, and stabbed her in the neck, killing her:

Aysha Ring

Just as it was pure random chance that Curtis Lavelle Vance entered the house of TV anchorwoman Anne Pressly in Nashville and beat her to death:

Anne Pressly

Curtis Lavelle Vance

Just as it was pure random chance that Charlie Samuels kidnapped and stabbed to death 17 year old Lily Burk when she went to Southwestern Law School in downtown Los Angeles to pick up some papers for her mother:

Lily%20Burk.jpg Lily%20Burk%27s%20killer.jpg

And on and on and on. It’s all just pure random chance, because, as the Baltimore Sun intoned yesterday in an editorial condemning state legislator Patrick McDonough for saying that “black youth mobs” are terrorizing Baltimore, “People are people. Criminals are criminals. One doesn’t have to be of any particular race to break the law.”

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