Muslim gangs raping white girls in Britain (What does Britain care? Britain doesn’t exist.)

Karl D. writes:

More depressing news from the UK. These Muslim rape gangs go specifically for white girls. Can some liberal please tell me how this is not motivated by an inborn sense of Islamic superiority? This is what normal day to day life would be for white dhimmis in an Islamic Europe.

Also, I know it is a British thing, but I wish they would stop referring to Muslim criminals as “Asians”. It doesn’t fool anyone.

Fifteen minutes later Richard B. sent the same item:

When I read things like this, I think: why am I allowing this to happen? Ilana Mercer has just asked the same question about the TSA’s invasion of the body politic.

Is violence the only answer to this kind of thing?

Posted by Lawrence Auster at November 24, 2010 05:53 PM | Send

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