The abolition of woman

Who says feminism is pro-woman? As the Anti-feminist Page observes, the point is the abolition of “gender” — sexual distinctions — as a principle of social order, and their replacement by bureaucratic and market relations. The abolition of gender means, of course, that women are to be abolished just like men. The latest evidence on the point comes from Smith College, which still calls itself a women’s institution. Students there have voted for gender-neutral wording in documents. The reason: “a growing number of students identify themselves as transgender, and say they feel uncomfortable with female pronouns.” Isn’t education today wonderful?
Posted by Jim Kalb at May 06, 2003 09:27 AM | Send

David Horowitz uses a phrase that seems particularly apt here. “With the left, the ‘issue’ (rights for women for feminists) is never the real issue (destroying traditional society to make way for the utopia). Whether it’s feminism, the gay libertation movement, multiculturalism, environmentalism, animal rights, or whatever the movement du jour - the unlerlying agenda is the same. Whatever we wish to call this beast (leftism, liberalism, transnational progressivism), its fundamental nature is in rebellion against anything created outside of itself. It is truly a multi-headed hydra.

Posted by: Carl on May 6, 2003 12:25 PM
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