A sickening glimpse of the underside of Third-World immigrant America

Chuck Ross writes:

Think of how much money could have been saved if this one illegal, the Sofitel maid, had not entered the country. She is a superfluous orphan. This country did not have to accept her but did so out of some sort of mangled benevolent humanism. Look at what it brings us. First, she occupies a job—a service job, but a job nonetheless—in a high profile hotel. She occupies subsidized housing. She sucks money from our tax coffers by claiming child dependents that aren’t hers and concealing the income she receives from her criminal friends. And if her charge against DSK is found to be fraudulent, she wasted probably millions of dollars and hundreds of man hours by shifting resources towards the investigation of her case. She is a net drain on this country; her daughter would have been a net drain even without this case. Extrapolate these unmeasured costs to the entire African community, West Indians, and Mexicans/Mesoamericans across the country.

LA replies:

Her case provides a sickening glimpse into a world we can hardly imagine, a vast network of government benefits of all kinds, obtained illegally and improperly, by strangers from the other side of the world who come here and become expert at gaming a system that seems designed expressly for their specific talents.

Anyone rememmber the sainted Amadou Diallo, whose shooting by NYC cops during the Giuliani administration tore up the city for two years? He got into the U.S. by falsely claiming one of parents had been murdered. Think how sick and evil that is. And now this other West African got into the U.S. by falsely claiming she had been gang raped. Our system actively encourages the nonwhite world to make a living and an industry out of fictionalized victimhood.

Paul K. writes:

You wrote, “Anyone remember the sainted Amadou Diallo … “

Interesting that according to the French news the maid in the DSK case is also named Diallo, Nafissatou Diallo.

LA replies:

Her name is also given at Big Peace.

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