Pre-marital promiscuity vs. marital stability

At ParaPundit, a discussion of the findings on the negative correlation between pre-marital relationships and successful marriage. Randall Parker sums it up thus:

My take: If you really want to get married and already have a suitable woman who hasn’t had sex with anyone else then she’s the one. Female virginity ought to be highly prized by guys who want to get married to stay married. Hook-up culture is your enemy.

The risks of marriage to a woman who has had even one previous partner are substantially higher and beyond one previous partner the risks go up to ridiculous levels. Better to have kids out of wedlock than get legally hitched to a promiscuous woman. Divorce law makes marrying a slut very high risk. Better consult a lawyer on the power of pre-nuptial agreements in your state if you are seriously considering marriage to a woman who has a big history of lovers and one-night stands.

Another thing: These results argue for marrying a younger woman. The older they get the greater the number of previous sexual dalliances and therefore the higher the divorce risk. Get yourself to an upper class church and look for smart girls in their late teens who have conservative reserved dispositions.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at October 15, 2010 05:59 PM | Send

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