VFR articles arranged by topic

You can immediately open the Word document VFR articles arranged by topic, or read the below introductions first.

I created a special Word document a few years ago to make it easier for me to find the most frequently referenced VFR articles by organizing their hyperlinked titles under topic headings, and I have been adding more links to it ever since. When readers recently told me how difficult it is to penetrate VFR’s huge archives to find articles on a particular subject, I realized the document might be helpful to readers as well. It now contains over 900 article links out of almost 10,000 entries currently at VFR. While very far from complete, it represents a substantial part of VFR. It is a work in progress and will be continually expanded and revised.

To access the document, click here. You will be given the choice of opening the document or saving it to your computer. If you plan to use it regularly, I recommend that you save it to your computer, as opening it online can take a while. As I continue to add more topics, links, and article descriptions, I will update the document from time to time and post a notice that I am doing so.

Also, Word can be tricky when a document is moved between computers, and I am not sure if the document will keep its original font formatting when opened in your computer. In my version I use Arial for the regular text and dark blue bold Arial for the hyperlinked text.

If you get error messages or experience other problems with the document, such as hyperlinks being directed to the wrong web page, please let me know.

Alternatively, you can search VFR via Google

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