Slapping Barrett in the face, a woman reveals the essence of the Democratic Party

A Democratic woman was so angry at Milwaukee mayor Thomas Barrett for conceding to Gov. Scott Walker on election night that she slapped him in the face.

She didn’t want Barrett to concede an election he had lost. What, then, did she want? Based on national and Wisconsin Democrats’ past behavior, we can answer the question. She wanted him to contest the election, and then, when the courts rejected that, because Walker had won by such a large margin that there was no question of an improper result, Democratic mobs would occupy the state capitol, threatening Republican lawmakers, and preventing the state government from functioning normally. Then Democratic legislators would flee the state for weeks on end, making it impossible for the legislature to do its business.

That’s the Democratic way. The founders of our Republic all opposed pure democracy, which to them meant mob rule. But as the decades passed, Jefferson, then others, changed their mind and adopted the word “democracy” to describe their own beliefs. The Jeffersonian-Republican party changed its name to the Democratic Party. By the late 20th century, “democracy” had become the only way to describe our country and our political ideals. The critical meaning of “democracy” as mob rule had been entirely lost, and the true meaning of “republic,” as a polity in which power is distributed in different parts of the polity so that power is not concentrated in any one body or one person, was also entirely lost.

But now, through a remarkable historical evolution (or revolution, as in the earth returning to where it began in its orbit around the sun), the word democratic is palpably returning to its original, classical meaning: mob rule. Which true conservatives have understood all along was its real meaning.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at June 06, 2012 03:09 PM | Send

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