Gates arrest police report rediscovered and secured

Reader Alex K. has just sent me another link to the police report which works. Strangely, the address of this pdf document is also at I’m looking forward to his telling me how he found it. But since the thought police at Globe will doubtless remove this pdf as well as soon as they realize that it is accessible by the public, I have saved the document to my computer and uploaded it to VFR’s own site. Here it is.

The link Alex found is the same link that Gintas, by googling henry louis gates police report, found at this article at a website called The Fray. The Fray copies an AP story with the headline, “Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates Jr., arrested in his own home, accuses Cambridge police of racism.” Below the article is this:

UPDATE: Read the police report for more details of the incident. [PDF]

The link points to a pdf with a address, but it’s a different address from the one in the original Boston Globe article which was removed. For comparison, here is address provided in the original Globe story that was removed: news/gates_incident_report_redacted.pdf

Here is the address at, linked at The Fray, that works: LNOTESMAIL_07202009-153909.PDF

By the way, the commenters at The Fray are flaying Gates. I’m thinking this incident is another example of how the election of Obama has led black America and nonwhite America generally to go over the top, exposing what they’re really about. I think my oft-expressed hope/prediction that the Obama presidency would be a four year long O.J. Simpson acquittal sack dance, slowly awakening white America to the reality of blacks and Hispanics and the reality of the entire pro-nonwhite, anti-white ideology that now rules our society, is being at least in part borne out.

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