Derbyshire’s philosophical blindness

I just came upon John Derbyshire’s September 2011 article at Taki’s Magazine, “White People are Pussies.”

How blind can a man be? How ensconced in his own unprincipled exceptions, by which, for his own convenience, he claims that he and other men possess qualities the very existence of which is anathema to his own stated principles? Derbyshire, as a Darwinian atheist materialist reductionist, gleefully declares that all human things—including all our values, all our ideals—are the result of blind accidental mutations naturally selected. He thus denies the existence of purposeful human consciousness and the moral good, which in turn is the basis of courage, since, if you don’t believe that certain things are good, really good, objectively good, how can you be courageous in defense of them? He takes away the foundation of courage, then calls people cowards. As C.S. Lewis said of the atheists of his time, Derbyshire gelds men, then bids them be fruitful.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at January 03, 2013 11:33 AM | Send

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