Unobjectionable anti-immigration advertisement spiked by British newspaper

(Here is the excellent Wigan BNP ad if you want to load it directly. You may need to adjust the zoom in your browser to see the whole ad.)

Henry Morgan writes from the BNP chapter in Wigan, England:

You say you think England is dead. It’s not quite dead: some of us are still flickering with life. However, we find ourselves being smothered.

Please go to the site below, read it, read our advertisement (click on it for full size) that our local papers refused to publish. We are right in the middle of a local election campaign and have seven candidates competing. Are you able to work out what in this advert is so outrageous that publication is refused? Would it have been refused in America?

Here is why this culture is almost dead—those of us with a spark of life left in us are being smothered in the name of … whatever.

We have already paid them a little over 1,000 pounds (about $2,000) to run the ad as two full pages, one each in two of their publications. No doubt we’ll get our money back, but we would rather have run the ads. Would an American small town local paper turn away $2,000 at a time when we are told there are financial difficulties spreading over the world? As you might guess, we can’t even tell our story to the local population in the local papers because … please tell me this is just a novel by Kafka and we can put it down later.

Anyway, read and understand why the UK is on its last legs: those that would see it dead have control of political decision-making, and control of the means of disseminating information. A devastating combination.

LA replies:

I like the ad. It’s good, clear, strong, no cheap shots. Your point about Tibet is the best thing in it. I see no apparent reason why it would be rejected, except perhaps that the paper simply doesn’t like the BNP and doesn’t want to print an immigration control message.

As for my “Britain is dead” theme, when I was saying that in a bunch of blog entries about a year ago, I always added that I didn’t mean that Britain was literally dead in the sense that a human being is dead, but dead in the sense of a society that seems to have no will to defend itself. If that will returns, Britain will be alive again.

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