Black man picks fight with 67 year old white man, and regrets it

Paul K. writes:

I don’t know if you’ve seen this video of yet another fight on a city bus between a young black man and a 67-year-old white man—this one ends unexpectedly.

The cell-phone video starts up when heated words are exchanged between the two men. The white man gets up and moves to the front of the bus, evidently to defuse the situation. [LA adds: the black man is repeatedly saying things like, “I’ll kick your a**,” yet the white man moves away and sits in the front of the bus.] The black man follows him and insults go back and forth. Black women on the bus are egging the black man on. As it appears a fight is about to erupt, some change their tune and start saying, “It’s not worth it, blood.”

The black man hits the white man and the white man jumps up and lands about seven or eight solid punches into the black man’s face, bloodying his mouth. He then gets off the bus.

A few things struck me when watching this. The white man, though considerably older than his opponent, was taller, more powerfully built, wore a T-shirt that said “I Am A M——F——,” and was clearly unafraid, yet the black man still felt he could bully him. I believe that most young black men see all white people as easy prey and can’t believe they will not be intimidated.

Another thing was that the black woman who took the video said to him, “You can press charges, blood, I got it on video tape,” although the video shows that the black man deliberately escalated the situation.

Also funny was that the black man was completely devastated after he got hit. Even though he was still ambulatory and apparently not badly injured, he wanted someone to call an ambulance for him. He was probably laying grounds for a civil suit.

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LA writes:

I want to underscore Paul’s point. Notwithstanding the white man’s greater age, he was taller and bigger than the black man, obviously fit and strong, and obviously confident and unafraid. Yet the black man struck him first. The explanation is either what Richard said, that blacks are so accustomed to white cowardice it doesn’t occur to them that some whites may fight back; or that this particular black was exceptionally stupid.

Paul K. writes:

The video has aroused a lot of interest on the Web, and someone has already re-edited it into a Mortal Kombat match. I recommend you NOT be drinking your coffee over your keyboard while watching this.

One thing I hadn’t noticed at the first viewing is that the black woman who is egging on the black man picks up the white man’s tote bag which he left behind when he got off the bus and goes through it, as another says, “Go through that sh*t.”

Mark Jaws writes:

Great video—the white man is a military veteran, probably Special Forces. I would bet a $1000. He also demonstrates the military rule that “surprise is a force multiplyer.”

Three years ago as I left my local supermarket three Hispanic young men, undoubtedly illegal aliens, tried to stare me down. I got right into the face of the main instigator and yelled at him, “What the f**k you lookin’ at, muchacho?!” He immediately backed down and the laugh was on them—not on me.

A. Zarkov writes (2/18) :

And now for something completely different. From Breitbart TV we see an old white man (67) stand up to a much younger, stronger and heavier black thug. After walking away from a potential confrontation, the black thug follows and attacks him. To his surprise the thug ends up on the floor with a cut lip. It seems this old guy is not that old physically, and was pretty strong. Then the blacks on the bus started to whine and they want to “press charges.” This is Oakland California, a place where white people are subjected to intimidation from black thugs on a regular basis. I lived in the Oakland hills for over 20 years, but I never road a municipal bus even once. Too dangerous. Perhaps it will be a little safer to white people on those buses now.

Kevin V. writes:

As a one-time resident of Berkeley and Oakland, I watched the video of the older white man and the young black man with not so fond memories. It’s all there, the blacks openly calling for the guy’s head purely on racial grounds, the women egging the men on, and then the classic black wining and asking for the “amba-lamps” when hurt. To say I’ve seen this particular scene many times is an understatement.

Note how completely dominant the blacks are on public transit. The bus driver doesn’t so much as say a word—until the black kid is losing. The AC Transit bus drivers are thugs themselves and will go out of their way to harass and intimidate white passengers and make it a black-only zone. I’ve actually walked onto an AC bus to find a black girl having oral sex with a black man on the seats three behind the bus driver, and, believe it or not, there were whites and Asians on the bus, faces frozen, looking straight ahead, scared to death to say anything. [LA replies: They didn’t protest to the bus driver, and they didn’t simply get off the bus? They just sat there, while this was going on? Well, I guess that is prototypical behavior of contemporary whites.]

I’m with Jaws on this one. I learned to nip these issues in the bud by shocking the Latinos or blacks by acting completely unafraid of them. They have no idea how to handle a big, white man who calls them on their sh*t immediately and doesn’t act like a coward. Of course, there is a price to be paid for this, usually in the form of a white woman complaining after the fact that “You could have gotten us killed!” While I was living in the East Bay it was completely routine for packs of similar blacks to beat the crap out of random white people. We all knew it was racial, but, of course, no one is allowed to speak of it. I learned the hard way to do what this old man did: overcome white cultural programming and swing that punch right in the middle of a sentence, when they don’t expect it. I’ve found laughing like a maniac while doing so also helps.

Violence works. Blacks have cowed whites into silence and acceptance, and we’re defeated before we even bring the subject up.

The real joke is, however, how this is the reality for people and the media and government run endless articles as to why Americans don’t use public transit. (As usual, your New York is an exception as the one big American city with a sizable white population).

Karl D. writes:

I totally agree with Marc Jaws statement. It is just like the old chestnut your father used to tell you when you were young. Most bullies are pure cowards. Every-time I see raw footage of some young black’s trying to hold up a convenience store, nine times out of ten they flee at the first sign of the store owner fighting back. Weather it be guns, fists or baseball bats. But it is still a dangerous game to play. Back in the ’80s I was on the subway platform of West 4th street in NYC with my then girlfriend along with her girlfriend. Some black bum walked up behind the both of them and started trying to hump them. I got right up in his face and could automatically tell he was either high, crazy or both. He started to swing on me and tried to push me onto the tracks! Luckily the police happened to be right there and arrested him. It took both of them and one heck of a struggle to subdue him. But I agree that years of submissive behavior on the part of whites has made it seem like open season. Just look at the situation in Sweden! The Muslims there have zero respect for Swedish males. One only need look at the rape statistics against native Swedish girls. Would those rapes be taking place in such numbers if they knew that Swedish men would not stand for it? As much as this sickens me to say this, if the roles were reversed, there would be a lot of Swedish men on the hospital wards. Justifiably so.

If one looks at the statistics of prison rape it is almost universally white males who are victims at the hands of blacks and to a lesser extent Hispanics. But it is almost non-exsistant for white on black rapes. Why? Because it is well known in the prison system that blacks and Hispanics won’t stand for anyone besides there own race committing an act of rape. There would be a prison race riot.

Twisted logic, I know. But they stick together. Even the many black prison gangs who may be gunning for one another. But the whites just won’t do it. I sometimes wonder if the Liberal mindset is so bad that it even carries over into the brains of the most hardened white criminal population.

Scott S. writes:

Regarding the last line:

Also funny was that the black man was completely devastated after he got hit. Even though he was still ambulatory and apparently not badly injured, he wanted someone to call an ambulance for him. He was probably laying grounds for a civil suit.

I think that gives too much credit. He asked for an ambulance because he has no idea that doing so for non-emergency needs costs money. And he likely lacks that understanding because to him and his family it doesn’t.

LA replies:

Well, it is funny that with a cut lip, he thought he needed an ambulance!

Blacks have been conditioned by liberal society to think that way. They’re entitled to get the best of everything.

Mrs. K. writes:

Kevin V. in his comment writes:

Of course, there is a price to be paid later, usually in the form of a white woman complaining “You could have gotten us killed!”

Kevin, hold on. I realize you aren’t claiming all white women react the same, but for a second there it sounded as if you were (why specify “white”?). [LA replies: Hmm, Could it be because white women tend to be very liberal and act in such as way as to disempower white men?] Anyway, I am a blonde, blue-eyed woman of Irish and German descent who learned first hand the truth shown in this video: that minorities who love to talk trash can be surprised into backing down. I look like a librarian. I exchanged views with a chunky Latina over her out of control child, during which she kept calling me “Blondie” and threatening to “f*** me up.” I encouraged her, “Go ahead, try!” and stood motionless while she came rolling toward me. She waddled past, muttering threats; as soon as she got to the door of her apartment, the real vileness began, of course. But to this day I remember the brief, bewildered look that came into her eyes when she realized I was not afraid of her. IT CAN BE DONE.

Now, I hope no one will leap to the assumption that I’m an angry, aggressive female; I was alone, and I was standing up for myself. ;-)

February 20

Paul K. writes:

Here’s an interview with the 67-year-old man from the bus, whose name is Thomas Brusco. He identifies himself as a Vietnam veteran and seems to be mentally disturbed. He says he was incarcerated for 14 years as a young man for drug dealing. He also says that he learned that the man who attacked him was an ex-con who is on parole, having served a prison term for murder, and who will now go back to jail as a parole violator.

There is another video of Brusco getting tazed after arguing with police at an Oakland A’s game.

Mrs. K. writes:

Thank you for posting my comment. Regarding your comment (“Hmm, Could it be because white women tend to be very liberal and act in such as way as to disempower white men?”), you are right: this tendency does exist, to my shame, and it is the reason behind Kevin V’s comment. I realized that when I wrote my comment. I know I’m not a liberal female, and that’s what matters.

Even though I often remind myself of the above, I roll my eyes when I read or hear, “White women do this,” and it’s something I’ve never done in my life or thought of doing. But I usually let it go, because people generalize. Yesterday, I must have been in an argumentative mood. Plus, I enjoy reminiscing about that encounter with the Latina. (Hmmm, maybe I am aggressive … )

I have enjoyed your website for several years now. It’s a breath of fresh air. Thanks again for posting my comment.

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