The radical leftist leadership, nature, and objectives of Occupy Wall Street

[F]irst you get large numbers of people to join by showing how reasonable you are. Then when the numbers are big enough, they will feel their oats, get impatient, and start demanding more than you could have imagined. (Never underestimate mob mentality.) But if you talk about overthrowing governments, capitalism or wholesale changes, most of the 99% will be scared off, and we’ll never have the power we need to affect real change. In order to fight the global corporations I estimate we need a minimum of 15 million Americans on the street. There are not 15 million radical socialist/anarchists in the US. We need people without political agendas, but with anger at corporations.
John McGloin, Occupy Wall Street organizer

In a remarkable, deeply informative photo essay, El Marco names the leftist radicals, socialists/communists, and anarchists who are the leaders of the Occupy Wall Street movement. He documents the objectives of the movement, which are nothing less than the revolutionary destruction of capitalism and its replacement by a regime of global equality. He has many photographs of the Occupy Denver protesters and their signs and masks, and a full photo-and-text account of Occupy Denver’s confrontation with state troopers outside the state capitol building.

The article begins:

This post takes a close look at the leftist lawfare campaign of uncivil agitation as it unfolded in Denver last week. Denver, like other cities that have Occupy manifestations, is faced by a core of protesters from anarchist groups, labor unions, and communist organizations, often obscuring their affiliations, mixed in with a mishmash of confused students, concerned citizen activists, children, and all sorts of evil clowns.

Hello. My name is 99%. This fifteen year old was among
a group of seven ranging from age 13 to 18 years young.

We have all heard the Occupy Wall Street movement (OWS) described as a grassroots movement. We have been told that it just sprang up after Adbusters, a Canadian left-wing magazine, floated the idea on the internet. The Dominant Liberal Establishment Media (DLEM) has continued repeating this implausible propaganda line since September, despite emerging evidence that OWS has actually been orchestrated by a who’s who list of American radical extremists. It has become clear that Adbusters is just one of a host of leftist organizations, supported by the Tides Foundation and/or George Soros, that have been jointly planning the OWS movement since at least February 2011.

Further down in the article El Marco continues:

When the Soviet Union collapsed, I wondered what would become of all of the millions of radical communists in western European countries and in North America. How would they react to the implosion of everything they believed in? What would they morph into? I think I’m finally looking at the answer, as communists seek to take advantage of the economic turmoil to create a violent revolution.

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