We dodged immigration catastrophe this year—but what about next year?

The consensus among lawmakers is that barring a dramatic turnaround Jorge W. Busherón’s destroy-America plan, a.k.a. “comprehensive immigration reform,” is dead for this year. But let us remember. Pundits have been widely predicting a Democratic takeover of the House in November. If that happened, there would be nothing to stop the same bill from being passed in the next Congress.

This is why I have urged that, as stalwart as the House GOP has been on this issue, they need to go further and make their position explicit and treat it as the main reason for electing them. They need to say:

“This is what we as the House GOP caucus stand for. In 2006 after the Senate passed the worst bill in American history we ignored the usual legislative procedures and refused even to debate it. Instead of going into a Senate-House conference where some “compromise” would emerge,—who in his right mind wants a compromise with the worst bill in American history?—we held hearings around the country to show the depth of opposition to this horrendous bill. If you re-elect a Republican House, we will continue that firm stand in the next Congress. If you elect a Democratic House, the bill we stopped cold in its tracks this year will become law next year.”

Posted by Lawrence Auster at September 02, 2006 01:51 PM | Send

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