Our public schools are handing our children over to Islam

The blog Delenda est Carthago posts a chilling, well-produced video about a public school trip in Wellesley, Massachusetts to an Islamic mosque. Parents were told that their children would only “observe” what was happening in the mosque, but in fact they were proselytized and several of the students joined in Islamic prayers, including kneeling and touching their heads to the floor. (For all anyone knows, they said the words by which a person converts to Islam.) The mosque, existing under the auspices of the Muslim American Society, a Muslim Brotherhood front organization, was founded by none other than my guy Abdurahman Alamoudi, former friend and speechwriter to First Lady Hillary Clinton, and now serving a 23 year federal sentence for selling weapons to terrorists.

The blogger has a very good title for this post: “How to Know When Your Country Has Been Occupied, Part…” When we remember the ruthless removal of anything distantly hinting at biblical religion from our public schools, and consider the readiness of the Wellesley Middle School to have its pupils proselytized in a Muslim mosque, and the silence of the Massachusetts ACLU about the incident, we see unmistakably the true character and direction of liberalism. Contrary to its claims, liberalism does not seek to erect a neutral public space, free of any religion or historic group identity, in order to allow the unhindered flourishing of the individual. No. Liberalism aims to dismantle our religion and historic group identity, in order to allow us to be subjected to the oldest and most mind-crushing religious tyranny in the history of mankind. And like the agents of that tyranny, the agents of liberalism (e.g., public school officials) lie without compunction, lie as a matter of policy, to achieve their ends. To paraphrase Ronald Reagan, liberalism and Islam are the two foci of evil in the postmodern world, and we must fight them both with all our might.

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