Our “silly” enemy

Along with “silly PC,” there is “silly multiculturalism.” In response to Matthew May at American Thinker who called multiculturalism “hogwash,” I wrote (in November 2009):

May I point out that describing multiculturalism as “hogwash,” as ridiculous nonsense, is not helpful, given that multiculturalism is a belief system that now controls our world? It was precisely this “hogwash,” as May calls it, that caused the military to harbor within its bosom an outspoken jihadist until he mass murdered American soldiers…. And why do conservatives call multiculturalism “hogwash” and political correctness “silly”? Because multiculturalism and political correctness are really liberalism, and to say that multiculturalism and political correctness are not just absurd follies but deadly serious threats that must be opposed at all costs, would be to say that liberalism as such is a deadly serious threat that must be opposed at all costs. But conservatives are not willing to oppose liberalism as such, because they share the central liberal belief that discrimination is the greatest sin and must be opposed at all costs. So they keep shadowboxing with “silly” PC and “silly” multiculturalism, while liberalism, the ideology that dooms us, keeps advancing.

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