Black man arrested in home-invasion beating-to-death of TV anchorwoman

Anne Pressly was a 26 year old TV news reader who had had a small role in Oliver Stone’s recent movie W. On October 20 she was found savagely beaten in her home and later died. This week Little Rock police arrested Curtis Lavelle Vance for the murder. As Wikipedia tells it:

Anne Pressly was found at 4:30 a.m. on Monday, October 20, 2008, a half-hour before she was due to to appear on the station’s Daybreak program. Little Rock police were alerted by her mother, Patricia Cannady, when Pressly failed to answer her wake-up call. Cannady found Pressly unresponsive in her bed with injuries sustained to her head and upper body consistent with a beating.

She was hospitalized at St. Vincent Infirmary Medical Center, where she died five days later on Saturday, October 25, 2008.Hospital spokeswoman Margaret Preston was quoted as saying “It was our hope, as was yours, that Anne would overcome the injuries inflicted upon her in the brutal attack at her home…. We were with her in her last moments, and although our hearts are broken, we are at the same time comforted by our faith knowing that Anne is now with our heavenly father.”

Here is another account:
Half an hour before the TV reporter was due to appear on the KATV “Daybreak” program, her mother, Patti, had gone to Pressly’s home. She had worried when Anne failed to answer the phone for her regular wake-up call. Patti found her daughter lying in her bed beaten and stabbed. Her head and upper torso had been bludgeoned and almost every bone in her face was broken. Her fractured left hand led investigators to believe Anne saw the attacker and fought back. [Emphasis added.]

Here is the New York Times’ account:

Arkansas Anchorwoman Bludgeoned
October 21, 2008

LITTLE ROCK, Ark.,—Aside from its sheer savagery, the crime was all the more startling for its victim and the venue: Anne Pressly, a popular television anchorwoman, bludgeoned almost beyond recognition in her home in the tony Pulaski Heights neighborhood, only three blocks from the prestigious Country Club of Little Rock. [Emphasis added.]

Liberals are always been “startled” and “shocked” by (1) the existence of evil, and (2) the specific evils liberals themselves have unleashed, encouraged, and made impossible for society to suppress.

Here are photos of the murdered woman and the suspect:

Anne Pressly

Curtis Lavelle Vance

The fact is that these beasts walk among us, looking to pounce.
—Lawrence Auster, June 7, 2008

When I say that beasts and savages walk among us, am I … speaking about black people as such? Of course not. I am speaking about a segment of the black population, which we—society—need to identify and suppress.
—Lawrence Auster, June 12, 2008

See VFR’s collection of black and other nonwhite violence against whites.

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