Where have you gone, George Washington?

Having relentlessly pushed and goaded President Obama into making a wholly inappropriate declaration that Kaddafi must relinquish power in Libya, the neocons are now all upset at the prospect that if Kaddafi manages to hold onto power notwithstanding Obama’s declaration, it will be bad for the U.S. So they want Obama to do even more against Kaddafi, namely to take direct military action in support of the rebels to make sure that Kaddafi falls, and they’re furious that Obama hasn’t yet done so and they’re calling him all kinds of names.

Excuse me, but isn’t that the very reason for the United States NOT to take sides in a foreign conflict which is none of our business? Namely that once we take sides, if the side we support loses, we are losers?

When in past times was it ever considered the responsibility of the United States to intervene in a foreign civil war, revolution, or coup that bore no direct relationship to our own national security or the safety of our citizens? I can’t think offhand of a single time that the U.S. did this, until now. But now, unlike in the past, we have a frenzied ideological contingent which sees the U.S. as the ruler and umpire of the world.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at March 07, 2011 05:40 PM | Send

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