New Hampshire governor signs same-sex “marriage” into law

Here’s the story. It’s incoherent on the subject of the religious exemption which had delayed the bill’s passage.

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Laura W. writes:

This is heart-breaking news. New Hampshire, land of granite and common sense, will be part of one of the most radical social experiments in history. It’s disturbing to see Lynch, who was supposedly against same-sex marriage, give such an impassioned defense of it in his speech. “Unfortunately, the federal government does not extend the same rights and protections that New Hampshire provides same-sex families, and that should change…. Today is a day to celebrate in New Hampshire.”And, this is someone called an opponent of same-sex marriage? He reiterates the entirely specious argument that homosexuals were denied civil rights. How many times must it be said? A homosexual possesses the same right to marry as a heterosexual. Each may marry someone of the opposite sex. There is and never has been any denial of civil rights or freedom.

“Most families in New Hampshire will awaken tomorrow, go to work and to school, and feel no impact from what we have accomplished today.” What an outrageous lie. Thousands of married couples will wake up and realize they are no longer part of an ancient institution that has been the foundation of every well-functioning society on earth. And, thousands of homosexuals will wake up and feel more confident in a way of life that causes personal unhappiness and suffering to children.

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