The Journal and the EU

Hugh Brady writing in Wall Street Journal Europe treats with utter contempt the concerns of the British people about the EU. So dishonest is Brady that he describes the Lisbon Treaty, an EU constitution in all but name, as “not so much a Brussels power grab as a long overdue reform of the EU’s rules and institutions.”

Let’s put the picture together. The Wall Street Journal believes in a world of free markets and open borders. Therefore it denigrates the sovereign nation-state, which stands in the way of free markets and open borders. Therefore it supports the submergence of the nations of Europe in the EU, a transnational, bureaucratic, undemocratic entity run by an unaccountable elite. Meaning that in the name of freedom, the Journal supports the extinction of freedom. Meaning that the ultimate object of libertarianism or “economic conservatism” as represented by the Wall Street Journal is the subjugation of humanity under Leviathan.

In the larger sense, all ideologies that reduce the world to a single principle—whether that principle is individual freedom, or economic freedom, or sexual and expressive freedom, or equality of rights, or equality of wealth, or equality of cultures, or the supremacy of a culture or race, or Darwinian evolution, or material causation, or reason, or utility, or atheism, or God—must end as tyranny.

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July 1

Dimitri K. writes:

I know some financial people. Actually, they believe not so much in free market as in electronic stock exchanges and computerized sales. And Europe with its lack of unified standard is a mess for computer processing. So, what they really want is standardization, because it will make THEIR life easier.

The conclusion: don’t trust narrow specialists on global issues.

LA replies:

Excellent point.

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