Why Obama is likely to win: no Republican nominee, least of all Romney, will forcefully attack America’s first nonwhite president

In a thread today, “Ruthless Romney?”, the question arose whether Romney will show the same toughness toward Obama that he has toward some of his Republican opponents. I then said I had read that Romney had been very aggressive against Obama in his New Hampshire victory speech (which I myself haven’t seen yet). In reply, James N. wrote:

Romney in his New Hampshire victory speech was very careful in his criticism of Obama.

He started by saying how thrilling it was, in 2008, for Obama to win and fill America with hope.

He then says, “But, Obama has failed.”

From there, he goes to, “I can succeed.”

The problem with this is that Obama’s defense to the accusation of “failure” is white racism, rascally Republicans, and “the rich.” And Romney is a rich white Republican.

Victory cannot be gained this way. The opponent who wants to win must change America’s mind about Obama, from “unfortunate failure (victim)” to “deliberate destroyer (attacker).”

This is the very thing that Romney, McCain, and all Republicans who are “people of good will” cannot and will not do.

Obama will crush Romney.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at January 12, 2012 09:04 PM | Send

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