In defense of big families

Disagreeing with the new editor of Taki’s Magazine, Mandolyna Theodoracopulos (who is as vulgar as her father Taki), Scott Richert speaks of the benefits and joys of having a large family; he and his wife have seven children.

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David, a.k.a. the Friendly Grizzly, writes:

Glad to see it is not just me who finds Taki Theodorowhateveritmayboocopolous vulgar. His anti-Semitism and, at least in this past, his obsession with sex (and describing his conquests therein) have kept me away from both the magazine and the website. I won’t give the SOB the site hits.

LA replies:

Yes, he’s a disgusting person. About ten years ago he had a column using language about women that you wouldn’t expect to hear from working men in a bar, let alone in a published column on politics. I didn’t read him for years after that, and even then, only looked at him a few times. With Taki, you get the vulgarity and the anti-Semitism. What a prize. How paleocons and Buchananites have honored themselves and elevated the level of conservatism by associating with him.

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