Cordon sanitaire

For years VFR has been advocating that Islam be rolled back from the West and that a cordon sanitaire be placed around the Islamic world. According to Wikipedia, while the original meaning of cordon sanitaire is a barrier to prevent the spread of a disease, in English its meaning is exclusively metaphorical: the attempt to prevent the spread of an ideology deemed unwanted or dangerous. Check out the Wikipedia article to see the first time the phrase was used in the latter sense.

I came upon the link to this information when reading the Wikipedia article on Vlaams Belang, referred to in the previous entry. It seems that all the other parties in Belgium have a standing agreement to maintain a cordon sanitaire against Vlaams Belang, the largest party in the country, to prevent it from becoming a part of any governing coalition. Let us dream of the day when we can draw a cordon sanitaire around the left.

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Jake J. writes:

I enjoyed your piece on the “Cordon Sanitaire” drawn around the Vlams Belang party and I had to wonder, is it really all that different than the cordon drawn around immigration restriction in the upcoming presidential elections?

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are both on record agreeing with the president. Giuliani and McCain (I don’t take Mr. Romney’s candidacy all that seriously so I leave him out of the mix) are both on record as agreeing with the president.

So if one supported a restrictionist position who could one vote for? The elite haircuts are already marshalling to marginalize Tom Tancredo for the unpardonable sin of simply telling the truth about mass immigration and Islam.

Duncan Hunter is considered at best a longshot. Though it may not be against the law here, don’t we end up with the exact same situation when one of the biggest issues facing this country is simply removed from the realm of discussion?

Larry G. writes:

“Let us dream of the day when we can draw a cordon sanitaire around the left.”

Would such a cordon around the “blue” states be a cordon blue?

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