A plausible and disturbing (but I hope untrue) explanation for David Horowitz’s incredible behavior

James W. writes:

An important issue I didn’t address in my first post was the personal. Once I stepped into your shoes and laced them up, it became personal with a sting—not that you let on or permitted it to interfere with your lines of reasoning.

The personal must be quarantined, if perhaps not ignored, in what we do. But when the left, as it usually is, is primarily driven by the personal, we cannot ignore it.

Horowitz knew exactly what he had done, and he knew for a year as it simmered and cooked in his conscience while his ego sought to bury it. It is normal for small acts of betrayal to be seduced away from our memories to fashion ourselves a better self-conceit.

Then you kicked that pot, and it boiled over. It is human nature to hate the person we have injured.

You will not really accept or understand what has happened until you believe the evidence of your eyes and not your expectations. He is what he is, not what you are.

Many, many intellectuals, of whatever grade, are narcissists. Their motives in the search for truth are as different from the more humble as are the results. The love of liberty is the love of others; the love of power is the love of ourselves.

It took a murder [the murder of Betty van Patten by the Black Panthers, of which Horowitz has written endlessly] for which he found himself morally responsible to bring Horowitz across to the Enlightenment. For that, he deserves credit of some sort, as worse hasn’t brought others. This is as far as he gets.

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