The major players in the biggest school scandal in modern times

Gintas writes:

I’ve attached an image which is today’s front page of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, so you can place names with faces. It’s a rogue’s gallery:


LA replies:

Oh my gosh.

I did not assume that all the major players were black. After all, there are plenty of whites in leadership positions in Atlanta. I figured there were whites involved in this too. But it looks like it’s a black thing. And the hyper-liberal, black-oriented AJC is not afraid to show that it is.

Gintas replies:

Heads are rolling at the AJC. I guess someone wanted to go out in a blaze of glory.

LA writes:

Here is a more cropped version of the AJC front page in which the rogue’s gallery is larger and easier to read:


Glenn M. writes:

Looking at the rogues’ gallery of education officials, I propose the following theory of why this happened.

A lot of blacks regard formal organizations as white men’s constrictions on black people. Therefore any organization such as a school is a gauntlet for black people to get through. Getting black kids through school by any means is not cheating. The purpose of a white institution such as a school is not to teach children; it is to “get them through.” Once they have gotten through, that shows that a black person can work his way through an institution to the end. The goal is not to be taught; the objective is to get to the end of the process by any means that “lift” a black person over and above a white imposed process.

In a black person’s mind, the goal is to show the diploma or certificate in his hands. It is not to carry within oneself the learning experience and intellectual content that the diploma implies. Since the goal is solely to grasp the certificate at the end line, any means to achieve that goal is moral. A cast of hundreds can only delude itself using logic of this kind.

This is a variation on the empty suit syndrome.

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