Lockdown on the truth: the Boston Globe has now removed the second copy of the police report

As Alex K. informs me, the working link to the arrest report which he and others found (he found it here, Gintas found it here) has ceased working, and now goes to the page at the Globe that says, “Sorry, the page you have requested does not exist at this address.” So the Globe, just as I thought might happen, realized that they still had an accessible copy of the police report at their site, and, like the Cultural Communist Controllers they are, removed it as well, so that the Globe and the liberal media can continue spreading their story that Gates was the target of racial profiling, without any inconvenient facts getting in the way. Isn’t that something! But the document has been saved permanently at VFR and can be viewed here.

This is still bad, however, because readers of the numerous sites that had linked the still-accessible version of the report can no longer see it, unless they find out about VFR’s version.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at July 21, 2009 02:30 PM | Send

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