Another liberal whistling in the dark

Is there anyone in the world of political commentary who is more consistently deluded than William Saletan at Slate? (Answer coming in a moment.) Now Saletan is telling us (or rather he’s telling himself, as he always gives the impression that his columns are part of an interior monologue in which he is striving to convince himself that liberalism is really true after all) that the Democrats, notwithstanding their crushing losses in the House, have really won, because they passed Obamacare, and Obamacare can never be repealed. His authority for this questionable affirmation is none other than the one person in the world of political commentary than whom no one is more consistently deluded, David Frum.

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N. writes:

Maybe Saletan is kidding himself. However, until Obamacare is repealed and replaced, his point stands. If the Republicans are unable to uproot this horrid weed from the garden of the Republic over the next three election cycles, it will be so firmly planted as to become a fixture, like Medicare, and Social Security. The election of 2012 will be pivotal.

LA replies:

No, his point does not stand. Repeal is something that must be accomplished, through a vast battle extending over the next two years. No one knows how that battle will work out. Anyone who claims knowledge of how it will work out is claiming to know something that he cannot know. Hence Saletan is deluding himself.

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