Doctor: good news (or, more precisely, not the worst news)

As I announced in an update yesterday, the procedure was moved up from Friday to today. It was not what I expected, as there was no stent performed, and, indeed, the doctor told me that this was good, because if the stent (which I had been hoping for, as a possible fix to the situation) had been necessary that actually would have been relatively bad news. He said that the result today was the best possible, in that the worst possibilities were excluded. Namely, the colonoscopy did not discover an obstruction (a narrowing of the colon), which would have required a stent or a dilation, both of which are risky procedures. The fact that there is no obstruction also means that a temporary (but long lasting) nerve block is possible, which could relieve the pain. I realize that what I’m saying is somewhat anti-climactic and confusing; it’s confusing to me too. I cannot adequately explain it now, partly because I’m still affected by the anesthesia, partly because I need to have a further conversation with the G.I. specialist who was not involved with the procedure but is the main doctor on the case.

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January 25

Vincent Chiarello writes (January 25, 8:23.p.m.):

Caro Lorenzo,

Deo Gratias!

LA replies (8:48.p.m.)

Caro Vincenzo:

Well, thanks to God for creating the world, and for sending his only begotten Son into the world that we might live through him. (I John 4:9.) But why specifically thank God at this moment?

LA continues (9:50 PM):

Vincent, I realize I may have misled you with the original title of the most recent post about my health, “Doctor says the news is good.” That may have been interpreted as saying that I am healed. But it was not meant that way. In the text of the entry, I explained that what was meant was that the worst possibilities had been excluded, not that things were ok. So I changed the title to: “Doctor: good news (or, more precisely, not the worst news)”.

In fact, today was the worst day I have had so far. From the moment I woke up this morning, I have been in very bad pain, or what was verging on very bad pain. All day I’ve had to lie very still and quiet and concentrate on remaining calm in order to avoid triggering the pain. However, at 8 p.m. this evening I woke up from two hours sleep and suddenly for the first time today I’ve had no pain at all. That (for me) amazing state has now lasted for an hour and three quarters. I hope it continues. So maybe your message of thanks to God for helping me was correct after all!

Vincent Chiarello replies (10:32 p.m.):

Caro Lorenzo,

I was not misled by your commentary at all, but I was thanking the Lord not that you were healed, but that your situation was, in the medico’s opinion, better than expected.

The very fact that you felt better after I sent my message does further my belief that the Lord doth work in wondrous ways. I pray that through His blessing and mercy, He will keep that improvement permanent.

Oro per te.

buona notte

January 26

LA writes:

The blissful state of having no pain or discomfort, of enjoying a normal state of well-being, lasted 11 hours, until 7 a.m. this morning. Since then the usual discomforts have re-appeared, though I am still free of the bad pain. For 11 hours I had a release, a vacation, and that was great. It also was a glimpse of what is possible.

Also, this is my birthday. So my birthday was ushered in—at midnight last night—while I was feeling well. May this also be a glimpse of what the next year of my life will be like.

LA continues:

And I’ve got to start feeling better and so be able to blog regularly. How much longer can VFR continue as largely a personal blog devoted to the subject of how the blogger is feeling?

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