Do Hispanic immigrants reduce our crime rate?

Sure, just as they enrich us with their diversity and energize us with their vitality and firm up our moral tone with their family values and increase our spirituality with their religiosity and improve the safety of our roads with their good driving values and enhance our intellectual life with their love of education…

… and, last but not least, just as they strengthen American nationhood by conditioning their support for U.S. politicians and their moral approval of the United States itself on the unlimited admission of legal and illegal Hispanic immigrants.

Lydia McGrew writes:

I haven’t seen a mention at VFR of the debate over whether Hispanic crime rates are actually lower than white crimes rates. My blog colleague Steve Burton has been doing a lot of work responding to Ron Unz’s article in The American Conservative on this. Summary of the state of the debate is here.

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LA writes:

There was also Daniel Griswold’s article in the December 2009 Commentary saying that Hispanic immigration had reduced crime in America.

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