Are the Beltway right and the LSM using Bachmann against Palin?

David H. writes:

While there is no conspiracy per se, what the media say reflects their agenda. What cable news is not telling you is that in the past month or two Sarah Palin’s poll numbers have surged by over fifty percent. What you are not hearing in the news is that even though Bachmann has been making Iowa her second home for the past several months some polls show that Sarah would win if the caucuses were held today. The polls show that right now it is really a two person race between Romney and Sarah. The people on the right who are touting Bachmann are a rogue’s gallery of inbred RINO beltway hacks. It’s obvious to me that the Beltway right is using Bachmann to stop Sarah. Now that may be good result in your eyes. The same thing can be seen from the left. Until this week the left thought Bachmann was more nuts than Son of Sam. Now even Chris Tingles is touting her?

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Daniel S. writes:

I think the notion that Bachmann is a club for the establishment media to beat Sarah Palin with is just absurd. Of course the media has an irrational hatred of all thing Palin, but this does not detract from the fact that Bachmann is a strong candidate and presents herself much more coherently than Sarah Palin. Bachmann is a serious politican with serious ideas, and some in the media have, if only momentarily, acknowledged this. Can Sarah Palin claim that? Furthermore, the fact that Bachmann received some favorable coverage means little, as the same media has long since reviled her (blaming her along with Palin for the Giffords shooting) and will turn on her again should her political aspirations bear any fruit.

David H. replies:

I agree that as a person Bachmann is most of what Daniel S. says. However that does alter the truth of what I see as a valid theory of what you see in the msm.

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