The silent presence

In appropriately passive terms (the passivity of liberals dealing with evil and enemies), the New York Times reports a Virginia panel’s findings about Virginia Tech’s passive responses to Cho Seung-Hui that allowed the fiend to commit mass murder.

However, here’s a piece of new information on Cho:

In high school, after a teacher reported his barely audible voice to the guidance office, Mr. Cho was placed in special education for speech and emotional problems, which excused him from making oral presentations and answering teachers’ questions.

Despite Mr. Cho’s diagnosis of mutism and his educational accommodations in high school, when he applied to Virginia Tech, the university was never informed nor did it ask about Mr. Cho’s history, the report said.

How about that? Cho was so dysfunctional he was unable or unwilling to speak in class. Yet despite this extreme behavioral disability he was allowed to continue in high school; he was allowed to graduate from high school; and he was admitted to Virginia Tech, where he continued the same behavior. A “student” permanently excused from answering teachers’ questions and participating in classroom discussion! A permanent alien in the classroom and on the campus, physically present, but living in his own private world, never talking, unaccountable, as he continued to spin out his homicidal thoughts against the society he hated. That’s multiculturalism in action—the same mentality that allows sharia-supporting Muslims and other unassimilable and often hostile immigrants to enter, permanently reside in, and become naturalized “citizens” in our society.

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