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Here is Obama engaging in a standard gesture of dishonest politicians: posing for a photograph of himself hunting or shooting at targets, so as to create an image of himself as pro-gun (not to mention as being a regular guy), when in fact he seeks to dismantle gun rights where they really matter: self-defense and resistance to tyranny.

Critics of this PR photo are quoted at length in the New York Post.

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February 4

James N. writes:

Anyone who has ever fired a shotgun knows that photo is a fake.

LA replies:

You’ve got to be more specific, monsieur.

James N. replies:

By the time hot gasses are leaving the muzzle of a gun, the equal and opposite reaction (recoil) is at maximum. No one can stand erect, with the comb of a shotgun too high on the shoulder, and not react to the huge force being exerted by the recoil.

LA replies:

And therefore? He was firing a blank?

James N. replies:

Could be a blank (I didn’t think of that), or Photoshop.

John writes:

Those of us who have fired shotguns know that Obama’s pose is an incorrect stand for shooting skeet. If Obama has just fired, why isn’t he showing recoil, such as the cheek wrinkled? The stock pressed into his shoulder? What is the puff of smoke to the right of the muzzle? In an article at American Thinker, an analyst who knows guns lists all the things wrong with the picture of someone who says he likes to go skeet shooting. The author concludes, “All in all, this was staged like everything else in President Obama’s life.”

More than 200 commented on the article. Many are experienced shooters quite critical of the picture and believe the picture was photoshopped.

On the other hand, Sarah Palin, a real woman, shows good form while teaching skeet shooting to her daughter Bristol. Mr. Obama shoots, like, well, Bristol Palin.

Kidist Paulos Asrat writes:

I think you are being generous towards Obama. The more I try to understand him, the more I realize that he is insidiously evil. He wants destruction, and destruction of the white West, in order to give us his utopia.

I think in this regard he is even worse than African black dictators, to whom he has been compared. You could say that black dictators were fighting their rivals, the whites, the best they know how. I don’t think they aimed to destroy their countries. And in some sense, in some historical sense, one could argue that the physical land was theirs.

Obama carries his blackness like some kind of yoke. But he is still an American. Even a black American ought to have some love and respect for his history and the people he lives alongside. The people who created the country in which he lives, and has prospered. Obama is set to destroy his rivals, cleverly and systematically. This means he is out to destroy whites, cleverly and systematically.

Why is he shooting that rifle? Why does he have to show us that image? I think he is running scared. I think he thinks that whites are beginning to see through him, and he has to appease them somewhat. But, it is probably too late for appeasement, and I personally think it is too late.

By the way, I know people like Obama. Black, non-white people who have an evil hate for whites, and who go out of their way to find any possible way to destroy them and their works. It is easier to get away with this in Canada because of the multicultural laws, and the Human Rights Commissions, which are another way of destroying whites. I always say to these people: “Just go back to where you came from.You don’t belong here. You don’t love the country, you don’t wish it well. It would fare better without you.”

LA replies:

I did not mean the description “standard lying politician” to be an exhaustive critique of Obama. I was merely speaking of this photograph. I agree with what you say about him.

Joe R. writes:

Kidist Paulos Asrat wrote:

“I always say to these people: ‘Just go back to where you came from. You don’t belong here. You don’t love the country, you don’t wish it well. It would fare better without you’”.

Oh dear. If she said that in the UK they would clap her in jail alongside Emma West.

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