Savage discovers white nationalism

Last week I expressed disappointment that blogger John Savage, who had been an intellectual ally of this website, has sided with the anti-Semite Tanstaafl. Savage replies to me at his website with strange accusations against me, and I reply to him. In another blog entry, Savage, who up to a few weeks ago frequently expressed his admiration for and indebtedness to my work, now protests the fact that “Lawrence Auster … generally insists that any daring, radical proposal be made by himself.” What am I, I reply at Savage’s site, the intellectual equivalent of an alpha male, monopolizing all the sexy ideas for myself? Since Savage now has such a problem with me, I continue, he ought to forget about me and develop his own ideas.

Unfortunately, the ideas Savage now wants to develop include the anti-Semitic take on the Jewish problem, a subject he says I have suppressed. He even states his new found preferences for white nationalists whom he describes as Nazi-like.

What Savage really means when he says that I refuse to discuss the Jewish issue is that I reject anti-Semitism. For some examples of the way I do discuss the Jewish issue, see this, this, this, and this.)

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