Confirmation of Hasan’s “non-believers should be beheaded” lecture

Kathlene M., who sent the Telegraph article yesterday saying that Hasan lectured dozens of military doctors on the Koran-dictated punishments for infidels, the truth of which I doubted, writes:

The bizarre UK Telegraph story that mentions how Nidal Malik Hasan gave a lecture to other doctors in which he said “non-believers should be beheaded” is mentioned earlier and separately by National Public Radio:

The psychiatrists also said Hasan once gave a bizarre lecture to the medical staff in which he said the Quran teaches that infidels should have their heads cut off and set on fire.

“When I heard the news about Hasan, honestly, my first thought was, ‘That makes a lot of sense. That completely fits the person I knew,’ ” one of the psychiatrists told NPR.

Hasan’s murderous actions will probably be blamed on mental illness. Remember how Omeed Popal from Fremont, California mowed down several people with his car in Fremont and San Francisco in 2006? He successfully used the mental illness defense to escape attempted murder charges in San Francisco. He was found not guilty by reason of insanity. Later however in Alameda County he was indicted by a grand jury for the murder of the Fremont man. He may again plead insanity in the upcoming trial.

LA writes:

And this psychiatrist and others said nothing to military authorities about this? That’s the part I find completely unbelievable. It’s bad enough that people like Col. Terry Lee said nothing about Hasan’s comments favoring suicide attacks. But for Army officers to say nothing about this officer threatening the full panoply of the sadistic punishments promised by Allah for the infidels, and his doing so in a lecture to other Army doctors? It just passes belief.

This psychiatrist says that Hasan’s attack “makes a lot of sense. That completely fits the person I knew.” He’s not embarrassed to say this? Not embarrassed to admit that he did nothing to report that there was a jihadist enemy of America in the Army?

Roger G. writes:

You write:

“He’s not embarrassed to say this? Not embarrassed to admit that he did nothing to report that there was a jihadist enemy of America in the Army?”

Did you want him to destroy his career? Do you want the flag officers to ruin theirs, by rejecting the suicidal nonsense of nondiscrimination? They are at the mercy of Congress and the present prejudices of our society.

LA replies:

Come on, a U.S. Army officer was openly declaring that infidels, i.e., Americans, deserve to be punished in hell. How would it threaten a person’s Army career to report this obviously inappropriate, alarming, seditious behavior—behavior that by any reasonable view must be reported?

Yes, I know that PC exists, but I don’t believe that it’s so extreme that reporting something of this nature would destroy the career of the person reporting it.

No. What I think we have here is people who are PC not out of fear that their careers will be destroyed, but out of conviction. Meaning, they are such wimps and cowards, that they don’t want to take a stand or make waves. They don’t want to do anything that will cost them any inconvenience or result in a single malcontent calling them racist. They wouldn’ tknow how to defend themselves from the charge of being racist, even when it’s obviously absurd.

To put it another way, they are so liberal that they are not willing defend America from declared enemies.

Anyone who was truly alarmed by Hasan’s statements and saw how inappropriate they were would have reported him. I think people didn’t report him because nothing alarms them, nothing strikes them as inappropriate, except for un-PC behavior.

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