West at CPAC

Here is Rep. Allen West’s forceful keynote speech (part one, part two, and part three) at the CPAC conference. The speech was interrupted constantly by applause. I saw the last part first, but I need to go back and see the entire speech in sequence.

West addresses the three pillars of conservatism, which is always welcome, as it serves as a reproof against those who think that conservatism consists of nothing but lower taxes and rights of homosexuals.

By the way, Mitt Romney in his CPAC speech in February 2008 (see also VFR’s first long discussion about Romney on the occasion of his 2007 CPAC speech) articulated the three pillars of conservatism (just before surrendering to McCain in the same speech), but he didn’t mean it. Some time after the 2008 campaign, he remarked that social conservatism was not really his thing and that in 2008 he had been presenting himself as something he was not. I don’t have the link for that, but I remember him saying it.

I think Allen West does mean it. He is a terrific figure on the conservative and national scene. However, I sometimes feel that his manner and rhetoric are too grandiose, and too military. He needs to tone things down a bit.

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