Collection of VFR articles on Miers

Over the past four weeks I have written an extraordinary amount on the Miers nomination and the larger crisis it has signalled in the Bush presidency and in the so-called conservative movement. Here are the blog entries, in chronological order:

Bush’s nomination of Miers—another last straw for conservatives?
The inside story of Bush and his faithful lapdogs
Friendship über alles
Miers’s liberal record
Where the Bushes are really at
Even George Will is infuriated about Miers
Where the Bushes are really at, Part II
L-dotters return to form—don’t you dare attack their man
The real double standard
Frum’s threat to stop supporting Bush was just rhetoric
Bush—still clueless after all these years
From substance to process, from process to sheer nullity
Without resistance, there is no liberty
Bush has exhausted his supporters’ trust
The crisis of establishment conservatism
Miers a “disaster”—and so is the president who picked her
A conservative’s despair about what Bush has done to America
Everyone agrees on Miers except for Bush employees
The Bush Hackocracy
Why Miers thinks she’s qualified
Bush and truth
Sycophancy to the sitting president should disqualify
Miers’s worse than mediocre writing ability
A pro-Miers argument: she’s a tool of the president
Miers’s favorite author
Miers: a “conservative” who gets along swimmingly with leftists
Call the White House
Et tu, W?
Why Laura Bush thinks conservatives oppose Miers
Malkin on Mrs. Bush
Mrs. Bush’s absurdity
Why Miers must be rejected
Georges, vous perdez vos partisans
Who picked Miers; and revelations about a new identity politics
A pathetic attempt to exculpate the first lady
“Captain Ed” rears his head in indignation, then folds
What Captain Ed’s surrender portends
Captain Ed replies to VFR’s criticisms
The conservatives’ doomed marriage to George W. Bush
The homosexual left digs Miers
Can this marriage be saved?
How Roberts led to Miers
Dead minds
Hamilton warned us against the Miers nomination
Another defense of Miers that misses the mark
Thou shalt not question the president
Harvard versus SMU
The evangelicals’ fall
Judicial legislation based on emotion
Identity politics for bloggers
Litmus test discovered
Accidentally on purpose?
Bush and NR: the marriage may really be over
But, but, don’t sub-mediocre people have a right to be represented on the Supreme Court?
Frum’s reversal on Miers
Conservative protests starting to sound like a declaration of independence
Bush critic canned
Conservatism without conservatives?
Prodigal sons
RNC touts liberals for Miers
Conservative civil war?
Whither the conservatives?
Man bites dog—I mean, Bush calls for enforcing immigration laws
Bush actively hostile to conservatism, says Bork
W’s “malaise” moment?
Is Bork reading VFR?
Has a solution become possible?
The essence of the Bush-conservative relationship
The End
The conservatives’ paradigm shift
Team Miers on life support
The deeper betrayal in the Miers nomination
What can Bush do, short of sackcloth and ashes?
Bush is a Macchiavellian genius, cont.
Why Bush must choose a conservative
Further reflections on the Bush crisis
Bushite blogger calls for withdrawal
Miers: “Our legal community must reflect our population as a whole.”
Why we must fight for good judges
When did Bush betray you, and when did you know it?
Another convert to the anti-Miers camp
Hewitt on Will
Bush’s character revealed
National Review: GOP senators must ’splain things to Bush
Is Miers worth it?
Again, why?
The inevitable wages of gender diversity
Miers echoes Planned Parenthood
Powerline writer turns against Miers
Another pro-Miers blogger moves into the anti column
Miers withdraws

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