Opposition to amnesty—the Republican version of anarcho-tyranny

The firm GOP opposition to amnesty, which seems so bracing, is in fact a symptom of defeat and ruin. Republicans and conservatives will not call for major reductions in legal immigration which is steadily turning us into a Hispanic and Third-World society. That outcome dooms them. So in compensation, to give themselves the feeling that they are standing for something even though in reality they are giving the game away, they become absolutists against illegal immigration.

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JC in Houston writes:

This is what really gripes me about the GOP. The real threat to our continued existence as a Western nation comes from legal immigration. A million legal immigrants a year, the vast majority from the Third World, continue to pour in without letup. As of yet I haven’t heard a peep from one prominent Republican/Conservative politician about stemming the flow. To the contrary, one hears nothing but odes to legal immigration. Aside from essentially altering the country by diluting its historic white majority, there is the practical question of how many people is enough? I was born into a nation of 150 million. It’s now more than doubled that and on its way to half a billion. Do we really need as many people as China or India ( a great many of whom are making there way here)?

Laura G. writes:

There is an organization which focuses on the numbers of immigrants, legal as well as illegal, and the pressing need to decrease numbers in both categories. It is NumbersUSA. It is not partisan, in that it does not support Republican or Democratic candidates or positions per se. It does sponsor a “Report Card,” in which the positions on immigration issues of candidates for national as well as state legislatures are shown, and a final grade of A to F is assigned. A questionnaire is made out during election cycles, and candidates are encouraged to fill them out and return them. The issues which are on the questionnaires include positions on birth-right citizenship, chain migration, visa lottery, amnesty, urban sprawl, border protection, e-verify, benefits to persons here illegally, voter and driver license fraud, and several other subjects.

NumbersUSA is an activist organization and advocates for immigration policies designed to press for laws and policies which benefit the U.S. at state and national levels. Members and participants include persons who understand that ecological and environmental protection is an immigration issue. Many members are persons who worry about our sorry schools and social safety net and understand that these are immigration issues. Many members see the deterioration of well-being of our own poorest citizens which results from unfair labor competition with persons here illegally or legally. In short, this is a major organization which focuses on numbers of both legal and illegal immigration and the disruptions caused by current laws. Your comment that there is no Republican organization which is taking on the issue of overall numbers of immigrants is certainly true, but NumbersUSA does serve Republican interests, and many of its members are committed Conservatives. Please do check it out. Thanks, also, for pointing out the massive threat to our future (continued massive legal immigration) and the failure of identified Republican organizations to even start to address it.

By the way, currently about 125,000 persons enter the U.S. and are awarded new work permits/month. These astounding numbers continue in spite of our native unemployment rate. Your initial point is right on target. Where indeed are the Republicans?

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