David of Afghanistan

From Diana West’s blog:


Gen. David Petraeus, ISAF commander, February 11, 2011 (with thanks to an eagle-eyed ex-Marine).

I write about David Petraeus now and then—ok, considering him a primary architect and implementer of the Arabist-tilted policy (long denied on the Right) of endless armed social work (Great Society Goes to War) masquerading as national security strategy that is leading (has led) to our national suicide, I write about him quite a lot—but who needs words with a picture like this?

LA writes:

Well, I feel like adding some words. Petraeus, like Lawrence of Arabia in the David Lean movie (the real T.E. Lawrence was not as neurotic and confused as the movie Lawrence), has lost himself in the land of Islam. He believes that if we accommodate ourselves to Muslims, they will accommodate ourselves to us—that the more we become like them, in order to get along with them, the more they will “democratize” and “nation-build” and so become like us. Furthermore, Petraeus’s confusion of identity is much more consequential than Lawrence’s, because Petraeus is emblematic of America and even of the entire West. The West, as a result of its belief that it can reform and Westernize Islam, has lost itself in, and is being taken over by, Islam.

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