High European official makes openly anti-Jewish remark

Karel De Gucht is the former Belgian foreign minister and now the European trade commissioner. The Wall Street Journal reports:

On Thursday, with the Middle East peace process in the news, Mr. De Gucht picked yet another fight. Jews, he told Belgian radio, have a “belief” that they are “always right.” He described his frustration at debating the Middle East because “it is not easy even with a moderate Jew to have a conversation.”

Afterwards, he made some meaningless excuse that he hadn’t intended to “stigmatize” anyone.

Meanwhile, Jews are leaving France and other European countries because of the attacks on Jews being carried out by the Muslims whom the EU has welcomed into Europe.

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Kilroy M. writes:

I wonder how easy it will be for de Gucht to have a “conversation” with a Muslim when Europe becomes majority Mohammedan. I guess this enlightened liberal intellectual, like his co-ideologues, has made his choice. I sincerely hope that he is able to enjoy the fruits of it.

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