The left doing for Islam what they once did for Communism

On the NYT’s Orwellian coverage of the Arab spring, Tim W. writes:

Isn’t this just the 2011 version of the left’s political cover for Communism during the Cold War? Whenever a Communist movement was attempting to seize power somewhere, the left would assure us it wasn’t really Communist. Oh, there may be a few Communists here and there, but Mao or Castro or Ho are really just agrarian reformers with a broad coalition seeking to remove the oppressive status quo, unify the nation, or whatever. Once the movement took power and proved indeed to be Communist, liberals never apologized for their “error.” They just matter-of-factly reported the triumph and called upon the West to accept the Communist victory and get over our inordinate fear of Communism.

Now that Islam is the major international threat, the left provides cover for Islamists when they’re seeking power and then calls upon us to accept it once they win….

Posted by Lawrence Auster at October 01, 2011 05:14 PM | Send

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