We’re all “resigned” to getting photographed naked and getting felt up, you know?

Lydia McGrew writes:

Here’s an article claiming that travelers are getting nice and resigned to the scan and grope regime. It has a somewhat propagandistic tone. Clearly the media is trying to produce resignation by reporting it, and it’s hard to tell how much actual, hard data they have that people in general are resigned to pat-downs et. al. But there may be truth in it as well. The people have become sheep.

I have written to my congressman (Republican) and senators (Democrat) and still have some hope that the new Congress will do something to stop the TSA. Let’s hope they get enough letters and calls from the ostensibly “resigned” masses to motivate them to do so.

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December 24

David P. writes:

Its too early to assume that the furor over the TSA is going to go away:

Rape Victim Arrested at Airport After Refusing TSA Pat Down

Airline Pilot Targeted by TSA For Posting Video Showing Lax Airport Security.

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